Richard Fosse

The unseen compassion of animal scientists

June 7th, 2012 2 Comments

Richard FosseThe people who work with laboratory animals are a compassionate bunch who would gladly use alternative methods if they could deliver the same results.

Like many people who do what I do, I’d quite like to become redundant. That is, I’d be content if my current job were made obsolete by advances in science.

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Xenotransplantation: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?

April 10th, 2012 No Comments

pigIt would appear that not a week goes by without a revolutionary scientific advance coming to the fore of societal discussion – advances that seem inevitably, as mankind’s understanding of the very building blocks of nature expands, to be accompanied by ethical questions.

In short, are scientists too concerned about what they can achieve to stop to consider whether perhaps they should? Xenotransplantation, which is the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another, with the cells, tissues and organs in question referred to as xenografts or xenotransplants, is no exception, and is an innovation that is raising many novel medical, legal and ethical issues

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Blog 1: To demand certainty from science is to misunderstand it

December 14th, 2011 2 Comments

Insisting that animals be used only when the results of experiments have guaranteed benefits for human health is to misunderstand science, even to  undermine the  drive for scientific knowledge.

Science is rarely as certain or a simple as some expect. It is never possible to know for sure how new knowledge will be used.

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Animal testing mouse

Are scientists out of step with public on animal research?

November 8th, 2011 No Comments

Animal testing mouseAnimal Testing Perspectives is a platform for open debate on the use of animals in biomedical research and testing. To get an clear picture of the opponents to animal testing, I asked a journalist to take a look at their arguments.


The public is uneasy about animal testing yet research advocates shun the spotlight

Animal research has been back in the news again as controversy rages over major European laws which have been recently revamped by Brussels.

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Brussels conference puts spotlight on alternatives to animal testing

October 26th, 2011 No Comments

It won’t be long now until the annual European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) conference which takes place on 9 November here in Brussels.

The EPAA is an independent platform which brings together the European Commission and industry groups to collaborate on implementing the 3 Rs Declaration. It has been running since 2005 and has done a lot to bring together people who don’t talk as much as they should – like companies and regulators, or scientists and EU officials.

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Win 3,000 euros for best essay on Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS)

September 2nd, 2011 No Comments

With a looming deadline of 5 September 2011, you do still have time to submit an essay or article to EPAA that broadens awareness of alternative research methods to reduce the use of animal testing.

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What’s in a name? Animal research vs testing vs experimentation

April 30th, 2011 No Comments

What’s in a name? Well quite a lot it seems. Whether you came to this site looking for information about animal testing, animal research, vivisection or experimentation, the language you use defines your political and emotional views, your level of knowledge on the subject and potentially reveals your nationality.

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