Scientists are free to choose animals for research over alternative methods

Legislation demands that before any research study using animals can be approved, it must be evaluated from a moral and scientific standpoint, by an independent ethical committee. Scientists must submit a detailed report justifying the need, usefulness and relevance for animal testing as well as evidence that there are no alternative methods to perform the research. The ethical panels evaluate the likely harm to the animal versus the expected benefits of the project.

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  1. Anna says:

    so invasive operations on kittens or monkeys, where they are left fitting and in prolong pain is ethical and enough explanation to go with experiment?! They dont give a (xxxx) about it!

  2. edteam says:

    Hello Anna and thanks for your feedback. From what I know the law requires that any pain or discomfort likely to be experienced by the animal is prevented or at least reduced to the minimum possible. This is done, for instance, by using pain killers, and by ensuring that those doing the research have all the necessary skills to perform procedures in a way that causes as little distress as possible. Also, any animal suffering severe pain or distress that cannot be alleviated must be euthanized immediately, regardless of whether the object of the research has been achieved or not.

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